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McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art has been born and bred locally, in Boise, Idaho. Each and every member of our crew has called Boise their home for over a decade, with several of us born and/or raised here. Not only is McNabb’s an incredible location to get tattoo ink near you, but all of us here have a true connection to this beautiful, busting, evolving city of trees.

Each Employee is a Boise Local

Here is a little snippet of info about every member of our McNabb’s crew, from least senior to most senior employees:

Bobby Aden was born in Orange County, California, and moved to Boise just over ten years ago. This means he is not only the least senior employee of the shop (though he’s been here since July of 2020), but the most recent transplant to Boise at over a decade. Bobby loves to do primarily black and grey work, and specializes in portraits and “traditional-ish” pieces.

Destiny Debban was born and raised here in Boise, and started her apprenticeship in June of 2020. She flew through her training with flying colors, and graduated to a full-fledged piercer in December 2020. She now completes all piercings with skill and care. Destiny’s favorite jewelry to install is in the ear, especially the rook.

On another note, Jess and Destiny are capable of performing tandem piercings, making the daunting adornments (like nipples especially) much quicker, and a more fluid experience.

Krysta Neill has been at the front desk since February of 2020, and was born and raised here in town. She enjoys meeting people of all walks of life that come into McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art seeking tattoo ink near them, and talking about piercings with others. Krysta is very passionate about body modification and always greets with a smile, loving to answer any questions she can for customers.

Billie Dunaway was also born in San Bernardino, California, but raised mostly in Boise. He’s been here at McNabb’s since January of 2019, recently passing his year mark of employment of creating beautiful tattoo ink near you readers. Billie prefers nature and wildlife renditions on skin, and is very skilled with both cute, and creepy, tattoos.

Shaun McNabb has been here at McNabb’s, tattooing alongside his brother Paul, since July of 2019. Both gentleman have spent the majority of their lives locally. On the fast track, Shaun propels himself everyday to progress toward success, landing him in an issue of 24/7 Ink Issue #36. He balances speed and skill in his black and grey tattoos with pops of color. Shaun specializes in realism and neo-traditional genres. No one leaves unsatisfied with his work, as he sits down and creates a unique and clear plan of action with every client.

Eric Hansen was born in Idaho Falls, and moved here to Boise in 2006. Eric is one of the original crew members to evolve our shop from a chiropractor’s office, to the beautiful shop we have today. Unafraid of putting in extra hours and hard work, Eric implements some of the best tattoo ink near you all, favoring in black and grey realism pieces.

Jess McNabb also pioneered the creation of this shop with her husband, Paul. In the beginning, she worked another job while building this business from scratch. Never ceasing to have a bright smile, Jess keeps this shop running, doing the books between performing perfect piercings, interspersed with sweet chats with clients. This beauty is on her way to becoming a public figure, in the running to be the cover model of Inked Magazine, already being featured in Inked Revelations Magazine. She loves all piercings, passionate in the decoration of each unique soul that desires it. Her positivity and patience contribute massively to the unique and special vibe of this local tattoo shop.

tattoo ink near you

Paul McNabb is the original creator of this shop. From talks years ago of building this shop, regular success was never enough for Paul. He burned the candle at both ends to build this shop by night while tattooing in another by day in the formative days of this business. He ensures the success of this shop, not only by creating incredible realism pieces in color or black and grey, but he also brings that beautiful tattoo ink near you by challenging himself and crew members to be their best, consistently.

Wanting some Examples of that Tattoo Ink Near You?

Though we have many examples of beautiful pieces here on our website to scroll through, here are a few recent images of nearby tattoo ink.

tattoo ink near you

Bobby created this striking eye with intent to capture those who lay their own eyes upon it.

This tattoo was carefully created by Shaun, on our very own Destiny Debban. How sharp and clear is this??

Heeeere’s Eric with a spooky black and grey portrait of a famous horror movie scene.

Paul brings the light with this incredible lion. Picture perfect representation of tattoo ink near you readers.

Want to book an appointment to get tattoo ink near you?

We are open between 11-7, Tuesdays through Sundays. Feel free to walk in for a consultation to set up an appointment to get on one of our incredible artists schedules. With any questions, call (208)375-7116, or stop in at 1505 S. Five Mile Road, 83709.

We all look forward to seeing you!

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