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Because we have a local tattoo shop, we have more than one extremely talented tattoo artist near you. If you’ve had time to read our previous blog posts, you’ve been able to learn a snippet about each of our five artists. Care to read more in-depth about their work?

Five Incredible Artists to Choose From

tattoo artist near you
From left to right: Eric Hansen, Jess McNabb, Paul McNabb, Bobby Aden, Billie Dunaway, Shaun McNabb, and Destiny Debban

Between our five artists, experience ranges from over twenty to thirty years to just under a decade. No matter which artist you may choose, you will leave with a permanent and magnificent work of art on your body. Each is a tattoo artist near you, locally honing their craft.

Paul McNabb

Paul is the founder of McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art, and has put his life blood into it. Passion is definitely not something in short supply around this award-winning shop. Paul has always been an amazing artist, and has been implanting ink into the skin for around a decade.

An image of Paul in action, tattooing at a Harley Davidson Bike Night

Some of his Work

You have to be curious to see some of his work by now, having such a talented tattoo artist near you. Paul’s work is often a topic of conversation for any passionate about tattoo ink. He specializes in larger pieces and portraits with realistic detail.

This is a piece to celebrate the client’s love for both snowboarding, and Colorado.
Another piece by Paul, a skull with incredible detail.

Shaun McNabb

Seeing the last name ‘McNabb’ so many times at this point may have tipped you off to the family environment around this shop. You can’t get much closer of a tattoo artist near you than family! Shaun’s skill lies in larger pieces, both in color and black and grey.

Here is a candid photo of Shaun performing his favorite task: tattooing.

Beautiful Examples

Shaun loves a challenge of any type in his day to day craft. From magical to realistic, he has you covered. Care to see a few examples?

A beautiful mermaid with crisp black, undulating hair and a clean blue tail.
A Polynesian piece for a BSU athlete with a Latin quote folded inside seamlessly.

Eric Hansen

Though Eric was originally from Idaho Falls, he still qualifies as a tattoo artist near you because he is fully local today, and for years. He loves to do black and grey tattoos, though is also skilled in color; a fan of detail and very smooth shading.

Goofing off with the McNabb’s mom, Eric is in his natural element of brightening the mood

Examples of his Art

Eric will take just about anything you can throw at him, and run with it. Ever polite and patient, you will not leave his station without a smile.

Crisp whiskers and soft eyes combine to make up this beautiful piece of lion and lioness.
Bejeweled eyes, tentacles, and wings with sharp spikes make this piece equally alluring and foreboding.

Billie Dunaway

Billie has been in Boise for the majority of his life, very much making him a tattoo artist near you. He’s fallen in love with the art of ink, and has his own unique style. His work ranges from creepy to cute, and is always beautifully detailed.

Billie stands in front of the shop for his introductory photo.

Wonderful Works

Between eerie and adorable, you must be curious to see some examples of Billie’s work. Characters from cartoons to elements of Stephen King novels, and totally original works depicting profound concepts have all had their time to shine in Billie’s station.

Billie completed this piece for a wildlife firefighter
Multiple characters from A Night Before Christmas are shown in this sleeve Billie enjoys working on.

Bobby Aden

Bobby has been tattooing longer than the writer of these blog posts have been alive. He enjoys working on black and grey pieces, and American classical pieces. Truly beautiful works have come from his station.

Epic Examples

Bobby, a local artist near you, still produces incredible works, some 28 years after he began implanting ink in the skin. His skill has aged like a fine wine, and just gets better with the years.

A fun concept, of erasing tabttoo ink, executed perfectly
Bobby produced this delicate, fall-colored flower piece

Want to book with these tattoo artists near you?

All of our wonderful artists would love to work with you! If you’d like to book with them, you are welcome to stop into the shop between 11am and 7pm, Tuesday through Sunday at 1505 S. Five Mile Road 83709, Elm Park Plaza. If you have any questions, we are able to be reached by phone at (208)375-7116.

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