Tattoo and Piercing Near You!

Here at McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art, we specialize in body modifications like tattoo and piercing near you, including insertion of ink in the skin, and jewelry in , or through, the skin. We are honored to decorate your body, from metal and bling, to swirling colors or shades of grey. You can stop in for a consultation about a tattoo, and leave with a fresh piercing to satiate your craving for a change in your body while you anticipate your upcoming tattoo session.

Mutli-Talented Local Shop

tattoo and piercing near you
Photos of our crew at the Idaho’s Best ceremony, both before and after receiving the reward. *apprentice not pictured

Our team consists of five tattoo artists, two piercers, an apprentice, and a receptionist, able to perform any tattoo and piercing near you. Our artists can catch anything you throw at them, including black and grey work and fine lines, even realism. As for our professional piercers, they love decorating anything in an ear, as well as mouth piercings, and they are even capable of tandem nipple piercings.

Tattoo and Piercing Near You

Ready to look at a few examples of our tattoos and piercings, all of which completed locally in Boise?

Tattoos Executed by Our Artists

A memorial piece for a beloved dog

Billie completed this piece for a teenager, who had arrived at the age agreed upon with her mom when she was a youngster, of her childhood dog. These ladies brought in a couple of photos from when the cute fur baby was still around, and before he lost one of his eyes. Billie was able to create an image from the two-eyed photos of the pup, with just one eye, and including his favorite (yet hated) tomato toy. This teenager sat like a pro when getting her first tattoo on her shoulder, and now gets to keep her beloved pup close for the rest of her life.

Shaun completed this piece on his brother, the shop’s owner. No pressure!

This neotraditional tattoo was completed on the calf of Paul McNabb, by Shaun McNabb. Talk about a nearby tattoo! This piece is a large chunk meant to work toward bringing together Paul’s leg sleeves. The precision and smoothness of shading are quite notable.

Another image of Shaun working on one of our own.

Shaun finishes another chunk of Bobby’s tattoo in the image above, a tattoo that has been waiting years to be worked on. Bobby snapped this selfie while Shaun places ink in the skin of his ribs.

A unique memorial piece by Paul

This beautiful memorial piece Paul completed combines all of his clients’ father’s loves. What a beautiful way to pay tribute to a lost loved one? A myriad of parallel lines and perfectly straight perpendicular line throughout the tattoo shows the caliber of Paul’s skill. It’s no wonder he owns such a successful shop that does tattoo and piercing near you.

Such a sensitive location was tattooed with the utmost care by Billie

This client sat like a champ for her ribs to be tattooed, two days in a row. Careful lines and smooth shading were used in conjunction to create such an elegant and excruciating piece. Another happy customer leaving our shop of tattoo and piercing near you.

Piercings Performed by Our Professionals

What you’ve all been reading for, examples of some piercings from our shop. Jess and Destiny have some truly beautiful examples, some of which are shown on previous blog posts.

An Ashley piercing for a sweet gal named Ashley

A long-time friend of Jess, Ashley left with a cute Ashley piercing performed by Jess herself. What a fun way to get to know a friend in a new, professional, manner, and support their craft.

Here is a sweet dermal Destiny inserted.

This dermal is centered in the collar bones, flashing a bit of white opal on the chest. Destiny loved doing this dermal in such a charming location. This spot of bling seems to round out the surrounding tattoos.m

A belly button and ear piercing combo for this mom and daughter duo

This mom and daughter came in for a fun bonding experience of getting pierced together. Daughter got a cute belly button decoration, while her mom chose a cartilage and daith piercing.

Thanks for Reading!

Here’s an image of some of our crew, and some of our most loyal customers at the 3 year anniversary event last June

Here is a link to enter our drawing for a fantastic thank you giveaway, hosted by our shop that performs both tattoo and piercing near you. This giveaway is easy to enter, just needs a like, share, and comment on Facebook. We are also offering $30 piercings for 30 days, including anything above the belt, and excluding dermals.

As always, if you would like to get a tattoo and piercing near you, don’t hesitate to call us at (208)375-7716, or stop into our shop at 1505 S Five Mile Rd, 83709. We look forward to seeing you!

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