Realism Tattoos in Boise, Idaho

Realism tattoos have become increasingly popular as people realize they are able to memorialize family members with portraits, or have realistic animals that stand out. We have found that flowers, insects, and animals found in nature are very common in realism tattoos. McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art has a substantial portfolio to show for the abilities these artists have in replicating and designing unique tattoos for clients that prefer emphasis on realism.

Keep reading to see examples of the work done by the artists and what type realistic tattoo will suite you best.

The Artists

Paul McNabb is an owner of McNabb’s and a well-rounded artist with an extensive background in creating art and tattoos. Pictured below is an example of a realistic lion done on the upper arm. Paul has many realism tattoos under his belt, including portraits, some of which have been done on his brother, Shaun McNabb, who is also an exceptional tattoo artist with a great amount of experience doing realism tattoos.

A powerful realistic lion tattoo done by Paul McNabb
Realistic portraits done by Paul McNabb
Realism tattoo of a perfume bottle done by Shean McNabb

We also have Billie Dunaway, Bobby Aden, and Eric Hansen who are all talented in realism tattoos as well. Billie has done many nature scenes and animals, including bears, tigers, owls, and more that have strong meaning and representation for those who get the tattoos. Eric and Bobby are also well-versed in portraits of family members, animals being memorialized, or even popular characters found in TV shows or movies. All of the artists here at McNabb’s are more than capable and ready to give you your next realistic tattoo. Each of their backgrounds and experience gives them the ability to work with you on creating a design that bring the portrait or subject matter to life.

Tattoo and piercing near me Dunaway
Done by Billie Dunaway, a bear that is beautiful art, though I would not want to meet it in person

Style that Suits You Best

Whether you are looking for a portrait of a family member or character, our artists will make sure it is accurate in its representation. Tattoos can often be a fun experience and create memories that will (literally) last forever. If you have a favorite actor/artist/character from movies or tv shows, our artists can create larger than life portraits. Or maybe you have family that you would like to pay homage and respect to such as grandparents, parents, or even siblings. We understand that tattoos such as these require much care and attention to detail, so we do our best to make sure you leave the shop with a piece that you will always be proud to show.

While the artists do many realistic people and animal portraits, they are also capable of realistic flowers, scenery, and insects (such as the butterfly shown farther below under More Examples). The artists are able to accommodate your requests, such as adding color or going with a solid black and grey tattoo. They work hard on their designs to ensure the best quality and deliver exceptional service during the process.

Best tattoo artists McNabb
Pet portrait done by Bobby Aden

As you can see, realism tattoos can be very powerful in remembering those we lost, such as animals or family members, or they can simply represent a symbol that is important in our lives.


It is important to take good care of your tattoo after it is complete. Your artist will work with you to make sure you have access to the resources that will keep your tattoo healthy and healing well, especially within the first couple of days. We also offer an aftercare package after the completion of your tattoo that will outline the necessary steps to keeping the tattoo healing well.

Our artists work hard to be sanitary and make it a friendly environment. We love to see people as excited and passionate about tattoos and making sure they heal as nicely as possible.

More Examples

Realistic flower with a dark background that makes the flowers pop off the skin, done by Shean McNabb
A butterfly that seems to float above the skin, done by Eric Hansen
Best tattoos in Boise Dunaway
Done by Billie Dunaway, a motorcycle and trees scenic piece
Tattoo parlors near me McNabb
A beautiful horse done by Bobby Aden
Walk in tattoo shops near me McNabb
This tiger is not to mess with, but is a very well done realism tattoo

To see even more examples of the amazing tattoos done here at McNabb’s, visit our tattoo gallery and our past blog posts to read more about the artists.

Feel free to stop by the shop or give us a call at 208-375-7116 for any tattoo or piercing inquiries. Tattoo consultations are often best in person, that way our artists can work with you to ensure quality service and a design that you will wear proud. We are located at 1505 S Five Mile Rd Boise, Idaho 83709.

We look forward to working with you.

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