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When it comes to trusting piercing places and person to pierce some part of your skin, there is no one more trustworthy than our professional piercers, Jess and Destiny. Both of these trained piercers are experienced in piercing the body.

Also, we will be offering a piercing special for 30 days, for $30 for any piercing, excluding those below the belt and dermals. We are holding a giveaway to show our appreciation for your contribution to our recent titles of Best of Idaho and Best of Treasure Valley. Here is a link to our Facebook account that details this offer.

Clean, Sanitary, and Organized

One of the first questions of many looking for reputable piercing places, is the sanitization of the tools and needles which will be used in the piercing process. All of our piercing tools, including hemostats, clamps, receiving tubes, and more, are put through our autoclave after soaking in a sanitizing solution, being scrubbed, and sealed into sanitary packaging. An autoclave can be considered a high-pressure, high-temperature device somewhat like a germ-killing pressure cooker.

An example of what the interior of an autoclave may look like

As for the actual penetration of the skin, our piercers use 316L surgical steel needles. The gauge size of these needles depends upon the piercing, and will be determined based on the location of each individual piercing. Gloves are used when coming into contact with anything associated with a piercing, and the tray used to hold any tools is protected by a dental bib, for an extra layer of sanitary protection. Piercing places should take many steps to ensure sanitary and organized conditions.

The bed and tool tray are sprayed with madacide before being wiped down between any and all piercing clients. Any tools that have been soiled, or come into contact with any biological materials including skin, hair, or bodily fluids, are placed in the tergazyme and water solution as soon as the piercing procedure is completed. Any needles are placed immediately into our sharps container. Finally, when all soiled tools and materials have been placed in appropriate containers, gloves are removed in a sanitary fashion and placed in the trash that is frequently replaced with an empty and clean bag.

Passionate Piercers in Nearby Piercing Places

If you’ve had the chance to read through our past blog posts, especially the one titled “Best Body Jewelry Selection” or even “Tattoo Ink Near You“, you have read about our talented piercing professionals. Both Jess and Destiny are passionate about decorating any places desired to be pierced, which is palpable whenever the subject is brought up.

An image of our beautiful piercing professionals, Jess (left) and Destiny (right)

One would be hard-pressed to find piercing places with more enthusiastic piercers. Not only do our piercers share a bond of family-like friendship, they also share the bond of graduated apprentice and mentor. Not many piercing places employ such a successful duo of piercers. These ladies will be sure to help all clients feel comfortable and at ease throughout the piercing process.

Examples from our Piercing Place

Would you like to see some examples of some perfectly placed piercings performed by our professional piercers?

Both nostril Piercings done by Jess

A stunning curation of piercings, which Jess contributed to in the form of perfectly even nostril piercings. Parallel piercings add a whole other layer of challenge to piercing the body.

A shining example of an industrial bar

This gentleman left McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art with a perfectly performed industrial bar, which aligns two separate piercings and connects them through one bar.

piercing places
Here is a beautiful example of a Medusa Piercing

You won’t be turned to stone when gazing upon this gorgeous Medusa piercing. This piercing is placed on the upper lip, in the cupid’s bow of the lips.

Don’t just take our Words for It:

Below are a smattering of reviews from Google about both Jess and Destiny, and their skill with the piercing process.

“Everyone was very nice to new comers. I found it to be a relaxing environment with tons of energetic people. I loved my experience from beginning to the end. I will be back. Thank you”

Javena Smith

“I went in 3 days ago to get my nostril pierced. The environment was clean and bright. Multiple people who worked there checked on me to make sure I was being helped. Jess made sure I got the piercing I wanted and the exact placement I wanted. She made sure I was informed of each step she was doing. I felt confident Jess knew what she was doing and she made the process very easy for me! I have been healing nicely with her aftercare instructions. Would highly recommend this place for your piercings!”

Angela Sanchez

“I went in to get a dermal done on my chest by Destiny, she did great! She made sure the placement was right, took the extra time to make sure I got the jewelry I love, and made my experience as painless as possible! Not only was she great but the shop itself is beautiful, clean, and has an amazing vibe. I highly recommend stopping into this shop to see what they have to offer!”

Bayley Bird

McNabbs was awesome! I went on Friday to get my belly button re-pierced as I had lost it a few months ago. The people there were super friendly. I informed them that I had a disposition for passing out and they were very good in making sure I wouldn’t pass out again. My previous piercing was also done a little incorrectly so Jess fixed that and it happened very quick too! My piercing looks great and it doesn’t even hurt! Awesome business and if I get any further piercing I’ll for sure be going back.”

Clara Pannell

If you’re curious about additional reviews, you can find them on Google or by clicking this link.

As always, if you have any questions regarding body modification, we are here to help you! Not only are we one of the wonderful piercing places, we truly care for all those who enter our shop.

Give us a call at (208)375-7116 or stop in between 11am and 7pm from Tuesday through Sunday for any inquiries.

Thank you all for reading and for coming by!

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