Nose Piercings in Boise, Idaho

If you are looking to make the move on getting your nose pierced in the Boise, Idaho area, McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art has skilled piercers here to give you a memorable and lasting experience in a safe and clean environment.

According to Painful Pleasures, about 19% of women and 15% of men have nose piercings. One of the most common nose piercings is the nostril, though septum piercings are also gaining in popularity.

Below is a diagram of a few options that nose piercings come in.

Piercings are notably an increasing part of the change in culture our society is experiencing, as they are becoming more accepted among employers. They hold their own place in history and continue to have special meaning for those who choose to get them (even if that is just to have something ornamental for fun).

According to Urban Body Jewelry, nose piercings date back to over 4,000 years and even have a history in biblical context, such as the story in Genesis in which a piece of jewelry for the nose was given as a gift when Abraham was finding a potential wife for his son, Isaac.

Much of the symbolism behind nose piercings can be tied back to Middle Eastern countries, especially India, with spiritual and medicinal meaning. Nose piercings used to be seen as signs of wealth or even “insurance”, meaning the jewelry could be used as collateral if women became widowed. The jewelry would also be given as gifts for weddings or similar signs of wealth or occasion and even status.

It was believed in these origins in the Middle East that these nose piercings had medicinal benefit as well, such as inducing labor for women or relieving pain related to the female organs, as there are certain acupuncture points in which were believed to connect to the female reproductive system (Adorn Body Art). There was also a strong spiritual connection tied to piercing the nose, as it was said to pay respect to the Hindu Goddess (some of these beliefs and practices are still present in some cultures today such India and Africa).

In more recent history, nose piercings became more popular among groups like hippies during the 70s and 80s who were inspired by India’s culture around piercings, though they came to be viewed as a form of retaliation and rebellion. Some of us still feel this need to differentiate ourselves from the crowd, and luckily the methods have become much more safe and sterile.

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Now we see more celebrities choosing to pierce their noses and show them proudly. If you are considering getting your nose pierced, McNabb’s is the place to trust as we have two piercers with extensive experience and hold cleanliness as first priority.

Whether you like subtle or statement jewelry, McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art can get you a nose piercing that fits you and your style. In the shop there is an abundant selection of jewelry to choose from once your original piercing has healed. We will also make sure to take of you during the process to make it as quick and painless as possible and give you what you need to keep the piercing clean and healthy.

Nose piercings here at McNabb’s are only $30 per piercing plus about $10 for the jewelry.

Feel free to check out our Google Reviews to hear from customers themselves. Call the shop at 208-765-7116 with any questions. McNabb’s is located at 1505 S Five Mile Rd Boise, ID 83709. Walk-ins for piercings are available Wednesday-Saturday from 11:00am-7:00pm. We hope to see you soon!

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