Helix Piercings in Boise, Idaho

If you are looking for a unique helix piercing experience, McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art in Boise, Idaho is here to assist with a clean and safe environment. We have piercers ready to do your next helix piercing and with jewelry that fits your style. Helix piercings are a growing and common piercing as many people are finding ways to add more decoration and body modification to their existing style.

What is a Helix Piercing?

The options for helix piercing types and the jewelry available can appear overwhelming and exciting. For example, helix piercings can come in multiple forms and placements, such as what are commonly known as cartilage piercings along the side of the ear, as well as forward helix piercings. You can build on the helix piercings as well, creating double or even triple helix piercings. They are available as studs or hoops depending on your personal preference.

Forward helix piercings can be seen in the below diagram, following the cartilage to the forward facing skin. You can also add more piercings to create the double or triple forward helix piercings. There are many options for styling the ear and adding more over time.

Piercing Diagram

Ready to Make the Move?

As seen by the pictures below, helix piercings can be dainty or statement pieces depending on your style. We have many different types of jewelry that healed existing piercings can be changed out with to update your look.

If you have been debating going with a helix piercing, our piercers are here to help you make the move in a clean and reputable shop. All of the tools and products are sterilized using an autoclave and they take extra care to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during the process.

Some of the options available to you when getting the initial piercing includes varying forms of studs or other potential options that the piercer will work with you directly on to make sure you get a piercing that suits you.

A cartilage piercing done here by our professional and sanitary piercers

Some questions that are often asked when getting pierced is how much the cartilage piercing typically hurts. It is common for people to be wary, though it depends on individual pain tolerance and how familiar you are with getting pierced. The type of skin that goes farther up the ear will typically hurt a bit more than the common lobe piercings, as it is a tougher piece of cartilage to penetrate. Customers often find that the piercing goes by quick and does not hurt nearly as much as expected. We also provide aftercare so that you are completely sure on how to clean and maintain your piercing.

If you tend to have sensitive ears or prefer a different type of metal, there are options to have titanium jewelry which will help to not have discomfort or discoloration. The titanium often costs a bit more than regular priced jewelry, but may be worth the move for a longer lasting and healthier piercing, especially for more sensitive ears.

Need Help with an Existing Piercing?

If you ever find that you have a piercing that is inflamed or needs attention, our professional piercers are here to assist in making sure the piercing heals well. Our piercers are also able to assist with jewelry replacement or assisting in replacing jewelry that may have fallen out or needs adjusted.

Healing time for piercings is also very dependent on the individual and it can take up to 6 months to fully heal and be able to safely change or replace the jewelry. It is also very important to stay updated on cleaning and adjusting sleeping positions to make sure your piercing stays healthy and looking good.

Cartilage and lobe piercing example done by our piercers

Feel free to come into the shop from Wednesdays-Saturdays from 11:00am-7:00pm for your next piercing or tattoo inquiry. All ear piercings are only $30 per piercing plus $10 for each piece of jewelry. To see more posts like this and to learn more about other types of piercings, visit McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art blog or see our website and piercing gallery for more examples.

To hear the reviews straight from the customers, visit our Google Reviews and feel free to add your own review after getting your piercing. If you have your own helix piercing and want to share your experience, feel free to let us know in the comments as well.

We are located at 1505 S Five Mile Rd Boise, Idaho 83709. Call with any questions at 208-375-7116, we look forward to hearing from you!

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