Fine Line Tattoos

Are you looking for a new tattoo that is inspired by fine line tattoos? While many of our artists have strong portfolios in all styles of tattoos, they are never opposed to giving meaningful and simple fine line tattoos. Our artists here at McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art have years of experience and strong understanding of what makes a fine line tattoo create something recognizable and meaningful to you.

A tattoo featuring fine lines and script that forms a beautiful pattern with shading to add texture

What are Fine Line Tattoos?

Fine line tattoos are often smaller and understated, though many of the artists here at McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art have created large pieces made only out of fine lines and subtle shading, as seen in the example above. This style of tattoo can also be paired with a technique called stippling to add shading and texture to create a dynamic piece that is still subtle (shown in the example below). Since our artists understand the responsibility of creating meaningful and well done tattoos, you have the ultimate say in the design and the placement.

This style is also very versatile in the subject matter available. For example, you can have flowers, symbols, landscapes, portraits, cars, and much more in the fine line style.

Harry Potter themed fine line flowers and shading by Billie Dunaway

What is the Right Fine Line Tattoo for You?

Whether you like floral, meaningful custom designs, script, or simple and minimal tattoos, our artists can work with you to create a special and memorable tattoo. Artists are able to do nature scenes, floral, animals, small script, silhouettes, and much more in the fine line tattoo style. Whether you are looking for subtlety or bold statement, you will leave with a tattoo that will (literally) last forever in its meaning.

We understand that many customers value small fine line tattoos to honor certain memories or people. Even the smallest of tattoos can have great symbolism. Maybe you are celebrating overcoming a great challenge in life and have considered representing that on your body in a way that is personal to you. Our artists spend great time and care to make sure they create designs that are special and unique so that you will wear it proudly.

The possibilities with fine line tattoos are endless, including small fine line tattoos of your birth month flower, simple leaves, representations of your zodiac sign, quotes, hiking/nature, symbols, cartoons, and so much more.

Fine Line Examples

A tattoo done by Eric Hansen shown below illustrates well done fine lines and the stippling technique in which the moon was created.

Floral and moon fine line tattoo by Eric Hansen
Fine line tattoo by Bobby Aden

Our artists will make sure to give the best service possible to ensure you have a memorable experience as well as tattoo. We understand the importance of feeling comfortable and not feeling any pressure during the process. We have a clean shop and friendly environment that is welcoming to all.

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Feel free to check out our website and blog for more information and more examples from our artists. You can also read our Google Reviews to hear directly from the customers about the type of positive experiences they have had. To book an appointment with an artist for your next fine line tattoo, you can come in the shop and all of our artists are available for consultations Mondays-Sundays from 11:00am-7:00pm.

Feel free to call the shop with any questions at 208-375-7116. For other tattoo or piercing inquiries you are welcome to walk in and friendly staff will be waiting to help you.

We look forward to working with you.

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