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Here at McNabb’s tattoo and Fine Art, you won’t leave without locating a piece of body jewelry that will fit with your personality as well as it fits your piercing. Every body is different, as is every person. We assure satisfied customers by displaying our options and answering any questions you may have about your body jewelry, piercings, or the process of piercing itself.

Find a Unique Piece of Body Jewelry for Unique You

Not only do we have a large selection of 316L surgical steel jewelry for any body piercing, we also carry a myriad of titanium jewelry for those with sensitive skin. While 316L surgical steel is a high-quality metal that does the job for most people’s skin, the trace amounts of nickel can still irritate especially sensitive skin, implant grade titanium opens doors for those that have experienced a struggle with surgical steel. Another option for customization for each and every personal who crosses our threshold looking to bling out their bodies, is anodizing the titanium. By sending a specific voltage through the jewelry, our anodizing machine can permanently alter the color of the metal to any within the rainbow. Basic piercings cost $35, and specialty piercings cost $45, with basic jewelry priced at $15, and titanium at $20. Just ask one of our wonderful piercers!

Meet Our Body Jewelry Experts

We have two experienced piercers here at the shop to decorate your body with jewelry. Destiny Debban completed her apprenticeship with Jess McNabb, progressing through her training with flying colors. Both of our beautiful body jewelry experts are kind, patient, and compassionate with anyone that comes into the shop for body decoration.

Body Jewelry

Hip to hip, Destiny (left) and Jess (right) are a bonded piercing team. Our piercers are passionate about the happiness and confidence body jewelry can bring to its wearers. To Jess and Destiny, an element of body jewelry is more than metal, it is a new extension of a person’s body. Jewelry can make lasting changes in a customer’s life, in their self-esteem, their joy, their overall sense of self.

Looking for some Body Jewelry Examples?

While there have been a cacophony of piercings in Jess and Destiny’s time at the shop, like rook, daith, belly button, nipples, lips, and so on, here are a few recent examples of body bedazzlement.

The image above captures the joy in the faces of a daughter, and her mom’s best friend, who has evolved into a beloved friend of the family. By piercing their noses, Jess was able to create a bonding experience for this sweet duo. The body jewelry these two chose was a sweet. basic cubic zirconia stone that looks adorable in both of their noses.

Destiny was able to get the chance to install an industrial bar on this lucky client. This particular piercing actually took a bit of extra finesse in its placement for a couple of reasons. Not only does this client wear glasses, she also had an existing cartilage piercing, making the challenge of body jewelry installation even more exciting.

The image on the left depicts a man who has experienced many piercings in his past, and has chosen to sport a new septum ring. Jess was able to check this piercing off the list for this man.

In the image on the right, a young woman was able to adorn herself with a sassy septum, also performed by Jess. Though both of these piercings are in the same location, it can be seen clearly how different they can look.

(First two lobes on both sides were pre-existing)

Destiny was given the opportunity to pierce a whopping EIGHT PIERCINGS in one sitting for this tough client. Following two small tattoos in the morning, this client came back for two sets of lobes, two cartilage, and an industrial piercing a couple of hours later. How impressive is all of that body jewelry?

Looking for More?

If that’s not enough info to give you a sense of our two body jewelry bosses, you can read more about them in the Artists tab of our website. Feel free to give us a call at (208)375-7116 , or stop in while they are here piercing Wednesday through Sunday, 11am-7pm. (Our shop is also open Tuesdays from 11am to 7pm, but without our piercers’ presence on that day of the week.)

You can also find more examples of piercings on Facebook under McNabb’s Tattoo & Fine Art.

Additionally, we have many testimonials and reviews on our Google review page for you to look through if you are still curious about body jewelry. For example, Clara Pannell writes:

“McNabbs was awesome! I went on Friday to get my belly button re-pierced as I had lost it a few months ago. The people there were super friendly. I informed them that I had a disposition for passing out and they were very good in making sure I wouldn’t pass out again. My previous piercing was also done a little incorrectly so Jess fixed that and it happened very quick too! My piercing looks great and it doesn’t even hurt! Awesome business and if I get any further piercing I’ll for sure be going back.” This review is one of a satisfied and happy client.

For more reviews on Google, you can click this link, or even search McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art on Google, and select reviews.

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