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Something very significant happened this week on our tattoo shop near you, thanks to all of your help, and the help of all those who have come to our shop and shared their experience with others: We attended the “Idaho’s Best” ceremony, entering the beautiful venue with comradery, and leaving with the Best of Idaho and the Best of Treasure Valley awards in our hands.

Thank you, all of you.

Without your votes, and your support in all other ways, we would not be in our present position. We are only successful with all of your help; each and every person who gets poked with one of our sanitized needs to inject ink or place a bit of bling, affects our success.

It Takes a Team

If you’ve read our past blog posts, then you’ve gotten the chance to read about all the members of our team, what we all call family. Anyone who works or has loved someone that works full time is privy to the challenge of leaving our homes five days a week and contributing to our community, while we balance those duties with our lives. Our crew is a family, and that may be what contributes to our unique environment. Many shop-comers mention how at-ease they feel when walking through our door.

We are happy to provide a unique and delightful tattoo shop near you, and set free more incredible tattoos into this world.

Tattoo shop near you
Speaking of setting free incredible tattoos, here’s an example of a phoenix, which is often seen as a symbol of freedom.

Bonds that Extend Beyond Time

While there are countless languages out there, our tattoo shop near you produces art that extends beyond the bounds of language to display the bonds of friendship and family. These tattoos last as long as the bonds they represent.

Matching tattoos are a sign of friendship across cultures. Here are three women whose friendship has evolved into sisterhood

Every tattoo from our tattoo shop near you is unique. We do not recreate tattoos without an artist’s touch. As each person is a unique compilation of their experiences and lessons learned, thus their tattoos must encapsulate their personality. However, group tattoos are a symbol of friendship and family bonds.

These matching tattoos symbolize a very unique bond between two women who have chosen to bond in spite of typical societal constraints.

Who else can hear Lisa Simpson screaming, “Mom”? This may be one of those relatable images for anyone who watches such an iconic TV show. No explanation needed.

Another example of matching tattoos for special bonds, this one reaching beyond language, is below.

Bonded beetles

This duo displays their bond through matching beetles, executed in your nearby tattoo shop.

Unique Tattoos

While there are countless languages out there, our tattoo shop near you produces art that extends beyond the bounds of language. Art is universal, and tattoos has existed nearly as long as history has been recorded. We love having the opportunity to continue on the artistic tradition of eternal ink in our nearby tattoo shop.

This eye sees behind its wearer’s back

Locking eyes (eye) with this one may give you the chills. A beautiful and creative take on the human eye. Absolutely unique.

A special, black and grey, morph piece on this gentleman’s back

The way in which the smoke from the character’s cigar draws the eye from the top, to the bottom of this piece. We see a skull and a rose, as well as a light post for this man to lean upon.

Both in and out of this world

This piece encapsulates concepts contained on earth, and in space. In this tattoo shop near you, you can see the stars.

A Wonderful Review to Leave you With

The following review is put in words that are not biased as a member of the shop that produces this blog. Please take a moment to read these genuine words of recommendation from a client of Shaun’s.

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A Glowing Thanks to Our Readers

Genuinely, truly, thank you all for reading. If you feel motivated to get a tattoo with one of our incredible artists, feel free to call us at (208)375-7116, or to stop into our shop at 1505 S Five Mile Rd, 83709. We are open Tuesday through Sunday, from 11am until 7pm.

Have an incredible week, everyone!

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