All about Belly Rings

Belly rings are the tested and true piercing of the ages. A good and classic piercing to decorate your body, this bit of bling if one of the most common for women, and occasionally men, to obtain. We have been offering belly rings for $30, and the jewelry for an additional $10, and with the weather changing, they have sprang up significantly in popularity around McNabb’s.

How cute are these friends’ matching belly rings?

These girls are great friends, which is evident in their matching outfits and matching piercings.

Variety of Options

For the initial piercing, a simple stud is the most preferable for ease of healing. We have a wide variety of colors, red through rainbow, and even black belly rings to choose from for fresh piercings. As for the healed piercings, the jewelry becomes quite elaborate, decorative, and so beautiful.

Just a few examples of our varied options

As far as decorations with belly rings goes, the sky has become the limit. Self expression through body decoration and can help a person affirm their identity. Creativity of belly rings, including passions represented in the form of metal and/or stone, and the expression they provide can give their wearer a little nugget of happiness tucked in close to their body. Some people think of their belly rings as a way to decorate a part of themselves they want to show off, or transversely, a way to make a source of insecurity more beautiful. A glint of sparkle from belly rings can equal a boost of confidence.

These four images display a few of the options of belly rings, the top left an adorable and intricate bee which looks to be resting in the flower. On the top right, we see a deeply saturated iridescent jewel, and the bottom left is a dangly, pale pink series of three circle, a nice balance of simple and girly. Finally, the bottom left image is an amethyst-looking stone on a background of an amethyst stone.

Examples of Belly Rings (in Bellies)

Jewelry looks different when it is actually in the body, so let’s see some of the beautiful examples!

Another duo of matching outfits with matching belly piercings

Big smiles combine with coordinated clothes and a bonding piercing to bring friends closer. Though a hole was pierced through their belly buttons, a hole was not poked through their friendship.

Not so matching piercings, but bright smiles.

Here are a couple of views of this super cute belly ring. A slight twist on a classic silver and clear sparkle piece of jewelry, with a larger gem and a different setting. Simple elegance in this pretty piercing.

Here’s a close-up of this cute belly ring.

This image gives you an idea of what belly rings look like in a closer view, installed in the body.

Check out these elated smiles!

These sweet girls couldn’t be more jazzed about their new belly rings; their smiles speak for their excitement. Another example of the fun that comes with getting pierced with friends.

If you were of the school of thought that only women with perfect, flat stomachs could get decorated, here is some proof that any belly piercing looks beautiful. This Bronco fan got a bit of bling to celebrate her gorgeous body.

And if you thought belly rings are only for women, here is evidence that anyone can get belly decoration. Though this piercing was performed as an execution of a bet, it still shows the versatility of belly rings.

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