Timmy Morgan

timmy morgan

Im 47 years old, i got into tattooing at the age of 18. Ive always enjoyed doing art. From drawing on paper to painting on canvases. Art has a way of putting me into a good mood. Learning how to tattoo didnt come easy. I got my myself into trouble along the way and landed myself in prison. The time I was locked up I spent much of my time developing as a artist.  Years of drawing painting and reading books and bouncing ideas off other artist along the way.  So when I finally did my first tat as well during my time locked up and never stopped. I got really good really fast and had plenty of people willing to let me grow my skills through doing works of art. I am a self taught artist.  Love to surround myself with like minded artist always looking to grow and improve and motivate up coming artist as well as the pros. That is one of the reasons I love working at McNabbs. I love what I do and feel blessed to be able to have it for a career