Paul McNabb

Paul Mcnabb is a tattoo artist in Boise, Idaho. Paul was born September 16th 1986 in Lake Elsinore Ca. and shortly after moved to Boise id where he grew up. I was first introduced to tattooing and art from my brother Shaun who was a tattoo artist already my interest was more into the drawing and learning how to use the right shading techniques to make things pop off the paper. My brother shawn me a few basic shading techniques I copied one of his drawings outline and did what he told me to and at the end the rose I had drawn had looked better than his! So he convinced me to try tattooing I didn’t want to in worries of messing someone’s tattoo up. I did a few crappy tattoos and decided it wasn’t for me. Shortly after I got arrested and sent to prison when I was 19. While incarnated I continued to pursue art and practiced as much as I could my passion grew more and more. Decided to pick up a tattoo machine again and try it out again. every tattoo a was gaining leaps and bounds I’ve always been a person who learns fast and has the drive and persistence and I definitely apply that to my life still and my art of tattooing. I think there are two types of tattooers the ones that do it for the money and then they soon fall short in there art because they care about money more then there craft. And then there are the ones who do it because they love to keep pushing themselves to better themselves every tattoo. That’s the philosophy I still carry now. I’m always looking to learn and educate myself with what’s new and the new styles people are putting out there.

I love all types of tattoos I do like doing black and grey realistic but also enjoy many styles of tattooing. I don’t think I will ever get to a point where I will just do one or the other. It breaks up the manonety. I love to tattoo bigger tattoos where we can put all the detail in there and make it a master piece I do still do smaller tattoo. I have tattooed a little over 7 years professionally. I have learned from a lot of people but for the most part I am self-taught. I have apprenticed 5 people only 2 of them made the cut. We go to all different kinds of events tattoo conventions. The fair car shows we like to get out there and mingle with the community. We donate to a lot of community events we have done events at our shop to raise money for kids with cancer we have a lot of others we planned to do to help out people and make a difference I was a troubled youth so I will probably this summer be doing something along the lines to help them or suicide prevention very huge issues out there today.

Starting this business has been amazing very hard and a lot of work and strategizing and follows thru but I am very proud of what we have built as a team and especially thankful for the people I have in my corner. We have an amazing team and they make sure that everyone’s experience in a good one. Last year was a huge honor we got nominated for best of treasure valley we placed 2nd for our not even second year in business it was super cool. And appreciate all of the support from everyone. I look forward to growing as an artist a person and helping others.

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