Jess McNabb


Jessica McNabb is an award winning piercer working out of McNabb's Tattoo & Fine Art in Boise, Idaho.

Jess played an integral role in the foundation of McNabb's Tattoo, providing critical support to her husband, Paul in the endeavor of establishing a family-friendly and welcoming tattoo parlor in Boise.

As they pursued this shared dream, Jesse became intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the tattoo and piercing industry, and fell ever more in love.

As the company grew, her role was no less needed. She ran the business behind-the-scenes, managing things such as bookkeeping, advertising and HR.

After dabbling in giving tattoos and piercings of her own from time to time to friends and family, Jesse decided to apprentice to become a piercer in 2019.

After such extensive time in the industry, of course Jesse was a natural, and she soon became a full-time piercer, working alongside her husband at McNabb's Tattoo.

Jess takes her job very seriously, and maintains the health and safety of her clients as her number one concern and priority. Her door is always open to anyone with questions, whether they are a paying customer or not.

Check out some of Jess's piercings below, then reach out to schedule your next piercing at McNabb's Tattoo & Fine Art.