Helix Piercings in Boise, Idaho

The options for helix piercing types and the jewelry available can appear overwhelming and exciting. For example, helix piercings can come in multiple forms and placements, such as what are commonly known as cartilage piercings along the side of the ear, as well as forward helix piercings. You can build on the helix piercings as…

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Nose Piercings in Boise, Idaho

Body Jewelry

If you are looking to make the move on getting your nose pierced in the Boise, Idaho area, McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art has skilled piercers here to give you a memorable and lasting experience in a safe and clean environment. According to Painful Pleasures, about 19% of women and 15% of men have nose…

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All about Belly Rings

belly rings

Belly rings are the tested and true piercing of the ages. A good and classic piercing to decorate your body, this bit of bling if one of the most common for women, and occasionally men, to obtain. We have been offering belly rings for $30, and the jewelry for an additional $10, and with the…

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Tattoo Artist Near You

tattoo artist near you

Because we have a local tattoo shop, we have more than one extremely talented tattoo artist near you. If you’ve had time to read our previous blog posts, you’ve been able to learn a snippet about each of our five artists. Care to read more in-depth about their work? Five Incredible Artists to Choose From…

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Tattoo and Piercing Near You!

tattoo and piercing near you

Here at McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art, we specialize in body modifications like tattoo and piercing near you, including insertion of ink in the skin, and jewelry in , or through, the skin. We are honored to decorate your body, from metal and bling, to swirling colors or shades of grey. You can stop in…

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Professional Piercing Places

piercing places

When it comes to trusting piercing places and person to pierce some part of your skin, there is no one more trustworthy than our professional piercers, Jess and Destiny. Both of these trained piercers are experienced in piercing the body. Also, we will be offering a piercing special for 30 days, for $30 for any…

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Award-Winning Tattoo Shop Near You!

tattoo shop near you

Something very significant happened this week on our tattoo shop near you, thanks to all of your help, and the help of all those who have come to our shop and shared their experience with others: We attended the “Idaho’s Best” ceremony, entering the beautiful venue with comradery, and leaving with the Best of Idaho…

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Ear Piercings Everywhere

ear piercings

It’s more common nowadays to find someone with their ears pierced, than without. Lucky for you readers, there are an abundance of ear piercings around the McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art shop! If you’ve read our previous posts, you know our two piercers are the talented Jess and Destiny. If you haven’t gotten the time…

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Tattoo Ink Near You!

tattoo ink near you

McNabb’s Tattoo and Fine Art has been born and bred locally, in Boise, Idaho. Each and every member of our crew has called Boise their home for over a decade, with several of us born and/or raised here. Not only is McNabb’s an incredible location to get tattoo ink near you, but all of us…

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Best Body Jewelry Selection

Body Jewelry Experts

Here at McNabb’s tattoo and Fine Art, you won’t leave without locating a piece of body jewelry that will fit with your personality as well as it fits your piercing. Every body is different, as is every person. We assure satisfied customers by displaying our options and answering any questions you may have about your…

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